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Tamara’s approach shows that mindfulness can be part of every move and action you make. Mindfulness is an orientation of mind you can adopt whether you are sitting, standing, running or jumping. It is a commitment to acting with awareness. Therefore, every action can be mindful and part of your mindfulness training.
There are two types of practice. You will learn the distinction between formal and informal practices.Tamara’s approach is a new way to learn – informed informal practice. This means that when you are practicing mindfulness in your every-day life and movements you are doing so with a clear understanding of what is making that movement mindful and what is happening when you are not mindful as you move.
We all wish to feel relaxed and calm. Mindfulness can help us to attain these states (sometimes,indeed often). However, mindfulness and relaxation are not the same thing. From this workshop you will understand the key distinctions.

November 23rd

7.00pm GMT

Duration 1 Hour

About The Host

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Tamara Russell

Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence

Dr Tamara Russell is an experienced clinical psychologist, martial artist and neuroscientist who brings a unique, multiple perspective to mindfulness teaching, thinking, therapy and research. Currently the Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence in London and a visiting Lecturer at King's College London, she is also a mindfulness consultant, trainer and speaker in a wide variety of settings, including education and health. Tamara's first book by Watkins, Mindfulness in Motion, has been sold internationally.

  • This is by far the clearest book on mindful movement and just reading it puts you in the moment. It's wonderful.

    Ruby Wax
  • This brilliant book is a must read for anyone who is interested in mindfulness!

    5* Amazon Review for Mindfulness in Motion
  • An important contribution to the field of mindfulness and health

    5* Amazon Review for Mindfulness in Motion

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